Contribute to the SMTP Field Manual

So you’re interested in contributing to the SMTP Field Manual, eh? You’re awesome! Here are the types of contributions we accept:

  • New SMTP responses from email service providers or spam filter services
  • Edits to existing SMTP responses. This could be as simple as fixing a typo or rewording copy for clarity.
  • Key information about SMTP codes, email service providers, or spam filters
  • Any kind of suggestion. This could be an interest in seeing more information pertaining to a specific SMTP code or reorganizing content so it’s easier to find.

A few things to remember

Keep this in mind when adding new responses:

  • Don’t include personal information like emails or names in the response. Rename them to something generic.

  • Don’t include unique mail server names or identifiers. If possible, rename them to the root domain.

  • Keep the responses specific to major email service providers (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and spam filters services (e.g. Office 365, Symantec, etc.).

Contributing via Github

Create a pull request

If you’re comfortable with code, we accept pull requests via Github. All of the SMTP response data is stored as JSON inside of the /data folder on our Github repository.

Once your pull request is submitted, one of our maintainers will get back to you. We’ll take care of merging and deploying your changes if everything looks good.

Check out Github’s guide on creating a pull request for more info.

File an issue

You can also file an issue on Github. This is helpful if you would like to provide more general feedback or if Github pull requests aren't your thing. Be sure to include a link to the page if your feedback or change revolves around a specific page.

File an issue β†’

Thank you for your interest in contributing. File a Github issue if you have any questions.

We email

Thanks to all the fine folks who have contributed to the SMTP Field Manual.